Tiki Defense

Tiki Defense originated at the Global Game Jam 2017 (January 20-22). The topic of the game jam was “Wave”, so in the game exist three references to the topic.

This game is a tower-defense game, the swarms of opponents are commonly called “waves”. Furthermore the designed level is located at a beach, where the waves are present as well. Additionally a new mechanic represents a wave that can move around the field and destroy built towers. However one can build new tower in the flooded areas that are only avaible in the water.

The player can build four different towers with their own effects. Every tower has a twin that can be build in the water. Additionally there are multiple types of opponents that differ in their restistances and properties.

Game Development
  • Stefan Ensmann
Game Art
  • Julia Grimm
  • Anja Pezer
  • Lisa Zumblick
Game Sound
  • Julia Grimm
Game Design
  • Robin Murray
  • Jennifer Weber

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