Among Silhouettes

The game “Among Silhouettes” originated in the Global Game Jam 2019 (January 25-27). The topic of the Game Jam was “What home means to you”. It is a monochrome 2D-coop-platforming game.

The game’s target is to cross all rooms. One player is in the upper white half while the other is in the lower black half of the screen. Several objects are scattered across the rooms that are not visible for the players since their color matches the background. If a player runs over such an object, his avatar runs “behind” it and is able to find it. If the player has covered the object completely one, it gets transparent and is outlined in the other color while being transported in the inventory of the player. To open the doors at the end of each room, the objects need to be on the right level of the room. Hints are given as symbol besides the doors. Objects can change the level through holes in the floor by the player staning on top or under it and selecting an object to change side. There the other player again can not see the object and needs to pick it up again.



  • A/D – Walk
  • W – Jump
  • C – Crouch
  • E – Interact
  • Q – Drop Item
  • Space – Pause


  • Left/Right – Walk
  • Up – Jump
  • Period – Crouch
  • R. Shift – Interact
  • Return – Drop
  • Space – Pause


Game Development

  • Cedric Easton
  • Stefan Ensmann

Game Art

  • Antonia Boschert
  • Iris Michels

Game Sound

  • Hannah Kümmel

Game Design

  • Hannah Kümmel
  • Ilona Treml