Almost (But Not Quite) Mirror’s Edge

This game originated in a local game jam at the University of Bayreuth (July 07-09, 2017). The topic of the game jam was “Demake”. The team decided to create a demake of the game Mirror’s Edge, taking the idea from a conceptual graphic from the internet.

A lot of features from the original have been adapted in the demake. These include the red coloring of parkour elements, the low contrast and bright coloring of the city and taking down several opponents. The game consists of a level that needs to be passed as fast as possible. At the end the player can play a 1D-Version of Tetris, which is an hommage to a statement by the organizing professor.


  • A/D – Run
  • Space – Jump
  • E – Action / Slide
  • W/S – Movement on a pipe
  • ESC – Exit


Game Development

  • Alexander Dombert
  • Sven Schäfer
  • Stefan Ensmann

Game Art

  • Antonia Boschert
  • Hannah Kümmel
  • Lena Voß

Game Sound

  • Lena Voß